Free Space Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters


The Brimrose Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) is a solid state acousto-optic device with no moving parts. It functions as a tunable transmissive filter. It is able to precisely and rapidly adjust the wavelength, and intensity of the diffracted/filtered light by varying the RF power.

Brimrose offers both standard and custom AOTFs. AOTFs are used widely in numerous optical systems and applications, especially in industrial or process control near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy applications.


  • All Rugged, Solid State
  • No Moving Parts – Immune to vibrations
  • Use with Multiple Laser Lines Simultaneously
  • Wide Spectral Wavelength Range
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • Low Sensitivity to Input Angle
  • High Optical Throughput
  • Auto Calibration between Each Measurement
  • Custom Configurations Available
  • Ideal for Real-Time NI


  • Scientific:

– Spectrophotometry Monochromation

– Florescence Analysis, Transmission

– Laser Displays

  • Industrial:

– Process Control

  • Biomedical:

– Confocal Microscopy

– Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imagery

(the AOTF is inserted in the imagery system)

– Other OEM Applications

Brimrose Free Space Acousto-Optic Devices


  • MHz to 3 GHz Frequency Shift Ranges
  • High Modulation Bandwidth up to 400 MHz
  • Fast Modulation Speed <5 nsec Rise Time
  • High Diffraction Efficiency
  • UV to LWIR Wavelength Ranges
  • High Optical Damage Threshold