23 Series Total Hydrocarbon Analyser


The Series 23 uses the Flame Ionisation Detector (FID), which measures Hydrocarbons present in a sample stream.

The family of Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analysers is now available in a newly designed format and offers three variations.

Series 2300 % to ppm levels
Series 2400 ppm levels
Series 2500 THC plus CO/CO2

After a very successful life in the Analog domain, we are happy to release the new digital Gas Analyser which will measure your Total Hydrocarbons in a Gas Stream.

Using the latest technology, which allows the operator to interact with the analyser via 5.7” QVGA touchscreen display; this analyser will provide excellent results and provides extra layers of features previously not enjoyed with older models.

Using Flow Control devices on the Sample Line, with a three-way solenoid bank within, a customer has excellent control and unattended operation of Zero, Sample and Span of the instrument.

Applications range from the on-line THC measurement in Industrial Gas production or to monitor THC in Ar / Air / O2, N2 in Air Separation Units (plants) to Fence-line monitoring at industrial sites.