Hyperspectral Imagers


The Brimrose Hyperspectral Imagers (HSI) use a visible, NIR, and SWIR cameras together with our acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) to produce hyperspectral imaging on any target area. The AOTF-HSI can be custom built to meet your requirements in a wide variety of applications.

2.1 IS510 Spectrometer (Including Camera)

AOTF Hyperspectral Görüntüleme Spektrometresi VA310’u komple bir görüntüleme sistemi olan bir kamera ile birlikte içerir.

2.2 VA310 Imager Only

VA310 HSG, herhangi bir müşterinin kamerasıyla birlikte entegre olabilen AOTF tabanlı teknolojidir.


  • Visible/NIR/SWIR
  • Faster Data Cube: Due to AOTF Technology
  • Solid State: No Moving Parts
  • High Resolution
  • Highest Density Material
  • Smaller / Lighter
  • No Reflection Issues
  • No Cooling Requirements
  • Includes data cube collection software – compatible with any image processing software
  • Built for Purpose: Lightweight, portable, bench top, aviation, integrated to other systems


  • Military

–  SWIR Concepts for Shadow UAV Platform

– explosive material, chemical detection, target identification, and more

  • Laboratory and Industry Applications
  • Blending uniformity
  • Emissions
  • Agricultural/food – particle counting seed
  • Environmental Science

– Waste classification

  • Oil spill discovery location and directional prediction
  • Remote sensing
  • Biology and Biomedical Research

– Including detection of cancer cells