NovaPURIFIER Taşıyıcı


For best Gas Chromatography results, AGC Instruments recommends the use of the AGC Carrier Gas Purifier.

Our new range of NovaPURIFIER Carrier Gas Purifiers allow the GC user to purify their carrier gas (either Helium or Argon) to a high quality ensuring top class results from your GC each time.

We always recommend that a Carrier Gas Purifier is used with any GC using the following detectors: DID or ADD.

A minimum quality of N6.0 (99.9999%) is required for the DID or ADD to reach optimum performance. Higher quality carrier gas will ensure better sensitivity and longevity of the detector.

Lower carrier gas costs are obtained using the AGC Carrier Gas Purifier.


  • Easy-to use design
  • Digital Touch Screen Display
  • Low Voltage
  • Links Seamlessly with all Gas Chromatographs
  • Purification to Grade N6.5 or better
  • Long Term Use

The AGC Carrier Gas Purifier is available in two models to suit your application:

  • 19” Rack Version
    Part Number: PUR-804-He or PUR-804-Ar
  • Bench Mount Version
    Part Number: PUR-802-He or PUR-802-Ar