Free Space Acousto-Optic Modulators


The Brimrose Free Space Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) with RF driver is used to vary and control laser beam intensity. It is electronically programmable using a microprocessor connected to the Brimrose RF driver unit. The RF driver features all the necessary components to drive the modulator with analog or digital input control.

Our free space AO products are housed in environmentally stable packages. They offer superior resistance to humidity and temperature, and are suitable for laboratory as well as various OEM applications and instrumentations.


  • Compact Integrated Design
  • Wide Spectral Wavelength Range
  • Low RF Power Consumption
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • High Bandwidth
  • High Diffraction Efficiency
  • Good Temperature Stability
  • Custom Configurations


  • TTL/Digital Amplitude Modulation
  • Analog Amplitude Modulation
  • Photo Processing
  • Laser Displays
  • Micro Machining
  • Pulse Picking
  • OEM Designs

Brimrose Free Space Acousto-Optic Devices


  • MHz to 3 GHz Frequency Shift Ranges
  • High Modulation Bandwidth up to 400 MHz
  • Fast Modulation Speed <5 nsec Rise Time
  • High Diffraction Efficiency
  • UV to LWIR Wavelength Ranges
  • High Optical Damage Threshold