Online Particle Counter with 32 Size Channels

Online particle counter as fixed installation for Fluid Condition Monitoring

The online particle counter PAMAS OLS4031 emerged from the standard particle counter PAMAS S4031. The standard shell is made of coated steel. For Phosphat-Ester applications, the PAMAS OLS4031 is manufactured with a special stainless steel shell that protects the housing from corrosive liquids. The integrated stepper-motor-driven pump guarantees a constant flow.


  • Online measurement of hydraulic liquids up to 6 bar (or up to 420 bar on request)
  • Condition Monitoring of operating fluids
  • Monitoring Facility Systems in Aviation Industry
  • Test Rigs for Component Cleanliness

Volumetric measuring cell:

The volumetric cell design of PAMAS sensors guarantees highest accuracy and reproducibility. Every single particle of the sample volume is analysed on its way through the measuring cell.


Particle measurement in 32 size channels

Volumetric particle sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-50/50

Nominal flow rate: 25 ml/min, maximum particle concentration: 24.000 p/ml at a coincidence quote of 7.8%