Cleanroom Apparel



With Worklon cleanroom garments, the priority is to ensure your controlled and sterile environments remain that way. Since 1962, Worklon®, Superior Uniform Group’s cleanroom and ESD brand, has manufactured reusable cleanroom garments and ESD apparel such as:

  • Coveralls & frocks
  • Cleanroom hoods & cleanroom boots
  • Cleanroom garment accessories
  • ESD lab coats
  • ESD lab wear
  • Cleanroom suits & intersuit systems

Worklon’s comprehensive line of cleanroom garments offers quality construction and the ultimate defense in particle control, fluid resistance, bacteria filtration and electrostatic dissipation for a variety of departments and businesses, including: semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical device, aerospace, food processing and other aligned businesses.

All of the Worklon® cleanroom garments are offered in styles and fabrics that meet the stringent requirements of your controlled and sterile environments.